Roma respond to the Gospel.

By April 20, 2005

Slovakia (MNN)–IN Network-Slovakia reports God is on the move amongst the Roma people.

Teams got word that a group of 20 to 30 gypsies living in the nearby village of Cinobana recently came to Christ. Amazing, considering the Roma have a very different culture and are hard to reach with the Gospel.

Pavel Sinko, Executive Director for the IN Slovakia office says, “Their enthusiasm for their new faith compelled them to meet together almost every day, yet they lacked a leader with a mature knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. They asked for discipleship from the leaders of our church.”

Four of the leaders visit the village regularly and are helping ground the new believers. They had countless questions about the Bible, doctrine, and Christian growth.
When they requested transportation to the Sunday morning church services, Sinko agreed. The group of about 15 Roma are worship with a local fellowship.

Now, he says, “Once a month this group of Roma believers has a community outreach with a Christian concert or a speaker. They have a singing group and they write their own songs. They also invite other people to perform at the concerts. The last two months, about 120 people attended these outreaches.”

Please pray. Reaching the group has been a challenge, but the Roma group continue to grow in the Lord. Others are presently preparing for baptism.

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