Romania: finding the LIFE-Giver

By March 30, 2016
(Photo courtesy Life International)

(Photo courtesy LIFE International)

Romania (MNN) — In the country of Romania where Communism once reigned, so did fear and suspicion served as associates.  And while Communism may have been ousted nearly 30 years ago, its allies are not so easily uprooted, even within the Church. Newfound freedoms from government oversight included the freedom of choice and abortion rights for women.

Romanian believers needed to overcome the influence of Communism on society and the church to provide a unified defense of the sanctity of life.  Two months ago, a significant step toward bringing cohesiveness was taken when Dr. David Ille invited LIFE International to train a group of 34 church leaders and health professionals from five different denominational backgrounds.  These men and women were equipped to not only take a stand on life issues and against violations of human life, but to be reminded of the foundational truths of the Gospel and Jesus, the Life Giver.

Says Kurt Dillinger, founder of LIFE International, “We put together the Gospel message and the sanctity of human life message; those to us are inseparable. The first day in we were able to do a real clear gospel message and the first comment we got was from a young female doctor who said, ‘I came here to get more information and tools so I could argue the pro-life cause better, but, I found God instead.  I found the Life Giver.’”

(Photo courtesy Life International)

(Photo courtesy Life International)

Dillinger goes on to implore Christians, “These key leaders are now deciding to work together for the cause of life in Romania.  They have chosen, they have committed to lead people to Christ and bring the life message to the entire land.  Pray for them as they go to their knees and ask that God would give them wisdom and understanding on how to proceed and how to deal with this issue effectively in their country.  And pray for unity.  They’re intentional.  Pray for unity that they’ll continue to see how God wants them to work together for the sanctity of human life in Romania.  And God will give them the resources to carry out what they need to do.”

Asked about the potential of what can happen as a result of this gathering, Dillinger adds, “I am  so excited about this I really am because we are multiplying ourselves around the globe when we take this message and deposit it into very capable people.  And they’re going to take it and they’re going to bring it to their neighborhoods and their communities and their nation and they’re going to see life growth throughout the country.”

LIFE International assists in the training of Believers in more than 80 countries to see a world transformed for life through Jesus Christ.  Learn more about LIFE International at


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