Round table strategizes to grow the Czech church

By April 25, 2008

Czech Republic (MNN) — A round table on church planting was held April 18th and 19th in Czech Republic. 

In a spiritual climate where Christians in the current culture are viewed as misfits, "stupid"  or "crazy," according to SEND International, church growth is a challenge. The spiritual search of the Revolution came but did not spread. Where it did catch on, people were lead to magicians, wizards, New Age ideologies and other sources of false hope. A survey in 2001 revealed that in just ten years, the number of people who considered themselves atheists had risen to 60 percent. 

The roundtable discussed different models of church planting that are used in Czech Republic. 
About 30 people attended the meetings. 

In the past, SEND International has found  that English classes and social events are
bridge-building tools. It is not uncommon for young people to spend a few years considering the Gospel and then make a decision for Christ. When that does happen, it is truly a life-changing event. 

Pray that this discussion produces refreshed and energized church planters who are prepared for challenges. Pray that new believers will be the fruit of this meeting.    

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