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By July 2, 2015
More than 2,000 I am Second runners help support the ministry in 2014.

More than 2,000 ‘I am Second’ runners help support the ministry in 2014.

USA (MNN) — Today’s culture is a me-focused generation. They want jobs that revolve around the needs in their lives. Even Christians want to know that their philanthropic giving is making a difference, when at times there’s no way to track spiritual impact. I am Second®, a ministry of E3 Partners, is a movement helping people to live for more than just themselves.

Actors. Athletes. Musicians. Former Addicts. That regular guy or girl working a 9-5 job. But most importantly, people like you.

The real stories on provide insight into dealing with typical struggles of everyday life. These are stories that give hope to the hopeless and a sense of purpose to the unfulfilled. You’ll see people who’ve failed going at it alone, but eventually found peace–peace only found in Jesus Christ.

Find your place in the movement. You can help fund this ministry that’s reaching all generations by running. Beginning in the Fall, I am Second has 5k and 10k runs scheduled for San Antonio, Kansas, and Dallas. But even if you don’t happen to live in those areas, you can still participate.

How? There’s a I am Second, Run where you are.

Can’t make one it to one of the scheduled run locations? No worries, you can still join in the fun! Sign up for the Run Anywhere, Anytime option at You pick the time, place, and weather conditions for a run convenient for you. Plus, everyone gets the official I Am Second Run Participant Shirt mailed to them (beginning in July).

Want to make your Run Anywhere, Anytime special?

Check out these tips:

• Run with friends! Get a group of your friends to sign up for Run Anywhere, Anytime, too. Co-workers, neighbors, sports team, your small group–just get your runners together at a place of your choosing and have fun. Wear the run t-shirt and show everyone you are Second.

• Tag along on a local run! Gather your friends and run in a local event wearing your I Am Second run t-shirt.

• Share and post photos! Let others know you were part of the I Am Second run. Tag them in social media with the hashtag: #iamsecondrun. Then add on the hashtag of where you are : ex #Chicago. I am Second will be selecting random photos throughout the year for prizes- yours could be a winner.

• Send your story! Maybe you had a funny, heartwarming, poignant, or just plain cute story about your Run Anywhere, Anytime experience. E-mail it to: [email protected]. Random prizes will also be awarded here, too.

• Get creative! Add some action to the run and make it an I Am Second day. Combine your run with a local service project. Add a party to it. Make it into a school or church activity. Have a family reunion. There are countless ways to integrate the I Am Second run into your life. And don’t forget to share those photos and send in your story.

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    We thank God for the great work they are doing in the missio field
    May the lord bless and support you mightily in jesus christ name .

    We need support where we on mission field , we already plant a church and we want to roof the mission house . Please we need your support to acheive this aim God bless MNN for doing this great work in the mission field in jesus christ name amen.

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