Runners needed for Team Bright Hope

By March 8, 2011

USA (MNN) — The old legend of the marathon is that a Greek messenger was sent to announce that the Battle of Marathon had been won against the Persians. Legend has it that the messenger ran 26 miles back to Athens, delivered his message, and fell dead from exhaustion.

The moral of the story for today? There has to be a pretty good cause to run 26 miles.

Bright Hope International has a good cause.

This year, Bright Hope has been selected as a Contributing Charity for the 2011 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Runners from all corners of the country will participate in the event, and this year they can run for the cause of Christ.

Team Bright Hope members will hopefully raise at least $750 each in sponsorship for their dedication to the October race. Every dollar they raise goes to Bright Hope to care for the poorest of orphans and vulnerable children, who will experience the love of Jesus Christ–many for the first time.

Marathon participants on Bright Hope's behalf will also receive the following benefits: a Bright Hope Tech T-shirt; training tips from elite marathoner Chad Ware; pre-race pasta dinner with team members; and a discounted entry to CARA's Chicago Marathon Training Program.

Those who would like to join Team Bright Hope can learn more here.

For the majority of Americans–or even internationals–out there who are not planning to run 26 miles any time soon, you can still get involved. Encourage marathoners you know to join on Bright Hope's behalf. Make a donation to Team Bright Hope here.

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