Rural villages need Bibles too

By September 5, 2016

China (MNN) — There are few mission fields surrounded by as many misconceptions as China. A country so well-known for its technological advances couldn’t still require access to the Bible, could it? In fact, in the cities, there seem to be plenty of copies of the Scriptures for the registered churches.

But Wendelle Rovenstine of Bibles for China says people in the cities aren’t the only ones who need access to the truth of God’s Word.

Photo Courtesy Bibles for China

(Photo courtesy of Bibles for China)

“So Bibles for China is realizing in rural areas there aren’t a sufficient amount of Bibles, there’s not Bibles that are being dispatched to those individuals.”

What the rural farming villages do not lack is interest, and many Christians are trying to pass their knowledge down to the next generation.

“Within China, there’s a real move of God taking place where people are really sharing their faith, and the younger generation is coming to faith in Christ,” says Rovenstine. “There’s younger people and young couples and young men who are attending and coming to our Bible distributions, many of them who have not received a Bible before.”

With all these young people coming to Christ, some of the church leaders feel overwhelmed. That’s where Bibles for China can respond.

“Our desire is to go and assist the leaders and the church pastors, ‘How can we best help you, and what can we do to help develop these younger individuals to be disciples and be individuals who carry God’s Word, and be individuals who win people to Christ?’”

Photo Courtesy Bibles for China

(Photo courtesy Bibles for China)

But what about you? Where can you come in? Rovenstine says the gifts people give are making a huge impact on the Chinese mission field, and you can help too.

”You have no idea what an encouragement that is to Bibles for China and to the people of China we share this with,” Rovenstine says.

And the results are more than life-changing — they affect eternity.

“When we were with the leadership there, they said, ‘Every Bible that we get, we can say that one person comes to Christ.’”

Rovenstine feels it’s more important than ever to work to spread the truth and hope of Jesus Christ.

“If they tell me that every Bible we deliver, that they see that many growths, that they see that many people come into the kingdom of God, representing God’s Word, then I feel there’s a real need for us to do what we’re doing.”

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