Russia begins Eastern offensive in Ukraine

By April 22, 2022

Ukraine (MNN) — After withdrawing from the northern regions of Ukraine around Kyiv, Russia has begun a new offensive in the East. A round of heavy artillery fire announced the start of the attack.

Eric Mock with the Slavic Gospel Association says, “If there wasn’t enough destruction already, now there is intense fighting in the East. Villages that were already dealing with massive poverty, really since 2014 and the fighting that was going on, are now dealing with a scale of tragedy that is far beyond anything they could have imagined.”

The renewed push comes days after Russia lost its flagship in the Black Sea, a large warship called the Moskva, in an apparent missile strike. Western nations continue to provide weapons and assistance to Ukraine, in hopes to stop the invasion.

Local Christians

But despite the tragic headlines, God’s kingdom grows as well. Mock says, “Faithful believers are driving cars that are full of bullet holes, and most of the windows shot out, taking them into harm’s way to deliver people to safety: families, mothers, and children.”

“These people have no transportation to leave hotspots, so they are being delivered to safer locations.”

You can support these believers through SGA. Pray for their safety, and ask God to encourage them.

Mock relates on account from a lady named Marina. “She had just escaped a harrowing experience as her neighbor drove her through the streets littered with dead bodies and burnt-up military vehicles. But on the other end of her journey was a faithful church waiting to receive her safely, to provide food, and most importantly, to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Mock recently visited Poland, where thousands are caring for Ukrainian refugees. But he also saw Ukrainian Christians share the Gospel with those who were helping them.



The header photo shows Ukrainian Christians working to remove landmines. (Photo courtesy of SGA)