Russia: embracing the story of Life.

By June 29, 2016
(Photo Larysa Ploskonis courtesy LIFE International)

(Photo Larysa Ploskonis courtesy LIFE International)

Russia (MNN) — In Moscow, a city of more than twelve million people, believers are praying for the life giving message of the gospel to be heard and received. That message is about eternal life and the sanctity of life.

Part of one small group’s prayer is for the Lord to provide the means for a maternity home to open for women who’ve recently moved to Moscow and now have an unplanned pregnancy.

LIFE International’s Eastern European Director, Larysa (la-REE- suh) Ploskonis (PLOHSS-ko- NEESE) agrees it seems like an enormous challenge, and yet she says, “It is not because as we think about the kingdom of God, it’s like a small seed, and when it grows it will become bigger than any plant so that the birds of the air could come and find refuge.”

She continues, “There’s also one other group that is working towards establishing the counseling pregnancy center. So more and more, these are springing up and we don’t know about all of them but it’s a joy to get to know and come alongside them.” Ploskonis says her biggest joy is to see where there was once darkness there is now light shining. “When I got saved, I can see how other people’s lives have been transformed. They have courage to believe and dream for the change in their communities, and as we work through the years, it is happening so it’s a joy to see and to love my brothers and sisters from different nations.


And it’s not surprising to hear Ploskonis say her greatest challenge is the same as her greatest joy, that is “to keep believing there is hope for the nation.” When asked how readers might pray for her, Ploskonis offered these words. “Pray we receive God’s wisdom and His guidance because the region is very big. We so far have been able to influence 19 countries [but] we also have limited resources – and I’m not talking about money – also people, human resources.”

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of Larysa and those being trained to communicate the life-giving message. Learn more of how you can help when you visit LIFE International’s website at

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