Russia: good, bad news for radio ministry

By March 10, 2016
(Photo courtesy FEBC)

(Photo courtesy FEBC)

Russia (FEBC/MNN) — Far East Broadcasting Company just received unexpected news from Russia.

“Your license to broadcast on AM radio in St. Petersburg and Moscow will not be renewed as of April 16, 2016.”

For more than a decade, these two AM stations have been our primary channels to share the Gospel with a potential audience of more than twenty million men, women, and children in Russia. Millions have responded and shared their life-changing testimonies. Now is the time to pray for the millions more at risk of never hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Using unofficial channels, FEBC discovered that the pressure comes from particular people at the top, who are highly influential. The ministry is convinced these forces are specifically targeting FEBC Russia because they are an evangelical organization that reaches so many with the Gospel.

Challenges are great. Opportunities are exciting. God still wants the Good News shared with millions of Russians.

Ironically, this news came as the team was reviewing their Strategic Plan in Moscow to determine how to implement a gradual switch from AM to FM, online, mobile ,and satellite broadcasting over the next 3 years. These newer channels will prove to be even more effective and efficient. The challenge is that the government shutdown will force this 3-year transition to take place in one month, which is why they are asking for your prayers.

Please pray:

  • For wisdom in condensing a 3-year transition from AM radio to just one month.
  • Energy for the staff as additional work is added to their daily tasks.
  • For the most effective ways to employ new cell phone apps, satellite and Internet broadcasting.
  • For the Lord’s protection from opposing forces in the government.
  • If it’s the Lord’s will, for a miracle to renew FEBC’s AM license on April 16.
  • Wisdom in how to continue to work with the government to save at least Moscow and FM stations that could also be affected by this action.

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