Russia occupies 20 percent of Ukraine

By June 8, 2022

Ukraine (MNN) — After withdrawing from the northern regions of Ukraine, Russian invasion forces have refocused their assault on the East. Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky says Russians now control about 20 percent of all Ukrainian territory.

Still, they are meeting fierce resistance, especially as the U.S. and other Western nations supply Ukraine with advanced weaponry.


In many places, Ukrainians have started to rebuild. Eric Mock says the Slavic Gospel Association is working to restore their Irpin seminary. The building was damaged by Russian mortar fire as many people hid in the basement. “Even now, we’re trying to take care of that building to secure it from further damage due to weather. And yet we’re beginning to press on, looking to training and holding classes in the future.”

“So when it comes to Kyiv, Irpin, and even the area around Bucha, people are trying to recover their lives and move forward.”

SGA is sending as many as 66 pallets of aid into Ukraine every week, distributed by the local churches. Mock says, “This is been a tremendous blessing to a lot of the churches. It allows them to take those pallets and distribute them in cars and vans, getting food, medicine, hygiene, baby formula, and diapers to places where they need to go.”

You can support this work on SGA’s website. You can also read new prayer requests and updates from Ukraine every day.

Pastor and family

Mock shares one story about a pastor and his family. “A rocket came in and blew up his house injuring his daughter and his granddaughter. Even as they fled, trying to get away to the hospital in a safe area, they were being shot at in their car.”

The granddaughter had to have her leg removed. Yet while he stayed with her, the pastor ministered to others in the hospital.

Pray the love of Ukrainian Christians would point many to Jesus.



Header photo courtesy of the Slavic Gospel Association on Facebook.

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