Russian children await New Testaments

By December 28, 2010

Russia (MNN) — Christmas may be over in many countries, but Russian
children are still looking forward to their Christmas celebration on January
seventh. That means there's still time
for Russian Ministries to raise the rest of the money to send colorful New
Testaments for needy kids. 

Russian Ministries has printed 80,000 copies of the children's Picture
New Testament in Russian. The total cost
to bring these New Testaments to Russia is $89,600. Nearly $70,000 of that money has been
raised, but more is still needed.

Young Next Generation Christian leaders will receive the New Testaments
and pack them into boxes for "Project Hope: The Great Gift Exchange." Each box will also contain a number of gift
items such as art supplies and small toys.  

The local Christians will then distribute the boxes to children in
hospitals, schools, and orphanages all over Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and
Moldova. The boxes will also reach
refugee families in the volatile Northern Caucasus region of Russia, as well as
Muslim communities open to Christian outreach. 

Pray that the ministry of "Project Hope: The Great Gift Exchange" will reach
many children with love of God, perhaps for the first time. You can support the project by
designating your gift for "Project Hope."  

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