Russian court calls for stricter domestic violence laws

By April 28, 2021

Russia (MNN) — The Russian Constitutional Court ruled the country needs stricter laws to deal with domestic abuse. The court says existing laws do not protect the victims or sufficiently punish attackers.

Russian women suffer greatly from domestic abuse. Eric Mock of the Slavic Gospel Association suggests a male-dominated society that disrespects and devalues women may be a factor. “In this environment, women often put up with abuse, alcoholism, drug use, and domestic violence. They are far too common. Why do we know this? Great number of orphans that are in the orphanages we work with all tell of parents injuring one another, and most often of abusive fathers. It is a terrible blight on society.”

Making change

It remains to be seen if this ruling will have any impact on Russia’s laws, or help women significantly. But Mock says the local Church is making a difference. “Pray that the churches are able to intervene. Pray that those stuck in the endless cycles of domestic violence will ask for help, and let people know of the need. And pray the church will rightly respond. How you respond is so critical.”

Pray the global Church will have a similar response. Women face this kind of abuse in every country on Earth.



Header photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain. 

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