Russian invasion blocks Ukrainian wheat exports to Lebanon

By June 28, 2022

Lebanon (MNN) — Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has cut off the supply of wheat to many countries in Africa and the Middle East. The Russians blockaded Ukrainian Black Sea ports, leaving last year’s wheat harvest to rot in warehouses.

Pierre Houssney with Horizons International says, “Lebanon is one of those countries. Around 80 percent of the wheat that comes into Lebanon is from Ukraine. We are still bracing ourselves for the impact throughout the Middle East that it’s going to make.”

“It’s really remarkable how interconnected we’re realizing that the world is in these days.”

Ukrainian partnership

But God has prepared Horizons for this time, and not just because the ministry started sustainable farming in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley last year.

In 2018, Horizons trained Ukrainian churches as they cared for Muslim refugees from places like Syria. The Ukrainian churches actually translated a Horizons curriculum on how to reach Muslims.

Today, many Ukrainians have themselves become refugees.

Houssney says Horizons has built a network of relationships with Ukrainian churches. It leaves them in a position to help. “We’re now actually sending a Ukrainian Lebanese family (who’s been on staff with us for years) to Ukraine and bringing on Ukrainian staff. This way, we can pivot to help Ukraine in its time of refugee crisis.”

Get involved

Pray this partnership will show God’s love to many Ukrainians.

You can support Horizons’ efforts in Ukraine and among Ukrainian refugees. Houssney says, “After the headlines have cooled out, there needs to be continued support of these Ukrainian churches so that we can take advantage of the Gospel opportunities, and then also care for the huge needs.”

During the invasion, Ukrainian churches opened up to house people. Houssney describes some of them as large dormitories.



The header photo shows wheat growing in a field soon to be farmed by Horizons international. (Photo courtesy of Horizons International on Facebook)

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