Casualties pile up in Russian invasion of Ukraine

By March 1, 2022

Ukraine (MNN) — Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has slowed to a crawl, with casualties mounting. Ukraine has reported over a hundred civilian deaths as well.

Advancing forces met fierce resistance outside Kyiv and other major cities on Friday and throughout the weekend. Reporters have witnessed entire convoys of tanks destroyed.

In response to the invasion, the European Union and many countries have imposed crippling sanctions on Russia’s economy.

Ukrainian church

The world watches this violence in horror, hoping for a ceasefire. But God has already provided one miracle: the Ukrainian Church.

Eric Mock with the Slavic Gospel Association says, “One of the things that that I found most profound, even in the midst of this, is the continued conversation among the pastors on how they will minister to those in need.”

Mock says it is a foregone conclusion that life will become extremely difficult for these believers, no matter the military outcome. “But in the days ahead, we expect the followers of Christ in Ukraine to rise up. And be those who are witnesses of the Gospel and minister to the people in need.”

Get involved

SGA works with these churches to distribute humanitarian aid in the region. Mock says they provide food, water, medicine, and warm items to people displaced by the fighting. Join with this work here.

And pray for peace in Ukraine. Mock says, “One of the things that has really been the hallmark of SGA ministry is that we work with the local national churches that are already there. We don’t have to do anything. We don’t have to create any new networks. By God’s providence, we’ve been ministering to these faithful churches since 1934.”



The header photo shows a vehicle destroyed during the invasion. (Photo courtesy of ZomBear, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons)

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