Russian orphans need your help

By December 24, 2007

Russia (MNN) — There are nearly a million orphan children in Russia, most of which are institutionalized. While the government does what they can, it's not nearly enough. That's why Children's Hope International is getting involved and they need your help.

Children's Hope Yuriy Kudinov says the government does what they can for the kids. He says clothing just last two years. "If they have a pair of shoes or nice coat for a child, they have to have it for two years. This is why kids from orphanages sometimes look funny and unusual in the photographs."

According to Kudinov, families are needed to sponsor these kids. "On our website you can select a child for sponsoring, and most of these children are orphans or with special needs. They may stay in family, but if they don't have the money, they will end up in the orphanage." Kudinov says families just don't have the funding needed to support these children.

As you develop relationships with these young people, you'll have opportunities to share the Gospel with them.

It costs $32 a month to support these needy kids. Kudinov says churches or other organizations could have an impact on many children. "If some organization and some churches would like to take care of an entire orphanage, we can provide information about the orphanage and buy clothing for them and make photographs and develop a relationship for the future years."

Children's Hope is focusing this effort on Siberia where there are thousands of orphans. Kudinov says the actual temperature gets as low as 45-below zero, so shoes, boots, coats and hats are needed to help the children get through the winter.

Kudinov says they do work with local churches in the region. He's also helping link Russian and western churches which will allow the ministry to be even more effective.

If you'd like to help an orphan, go to

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