Russian orphans take budget class

By January 28, 2013

Russia (MNN) — 15,00 Russian orphans are released from orphanage institutions into the world each year.

Most of these teens are only 16 years old.

Half of graduated orphans fall immediately into a high-risk category. According to the Russian Ministry of Education, 33% remain unemployed, 20% are homeless, 40% get involved in crime, and 10% commit suicide.

For a Russian orphan looking at graduating from the system, it can seem like a bleak future. But Orphan Outreach is stepping in to change all that.

Staff with Orphan Outreach started a budgeting class last month with orphanage graduates to prepare them for adulthood.

Class attendees are learning how to account for their finances, limit unnecessary spending, and save their money for important things.

Participants in the class come from orphanage #60, #14, and other orphanages.

Orphan Outreach staff is also interacting with orphan graduates through cooking classes. Orphan Outreach reports, “They really enjoy these weekly lessons, and it has opened doors to also talk to the kids about Christ.”

Pray for the programs with Russian orphanage graduates. Pray for many to see the love of their Heavenly Father through the ministry of Orphan Outreach.

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