Russian summer camp leads children to Christ

By May 27, 2015
Teaching children life skills and telling them about the love of Jesus Christ (Photo by SOAR International)

Teaching children life skills and
telling them about the love of Jesus Christ.
(Photo by SOAR International)

Russia (MNN) — Would your kids ever visit a foreign country to study another language?

That’s exactly what kids in Russia are doing this summer.

SOAR International, a Christian mission organization that serves in Russia, is sending a group to serve and teach English at a summer camp held by a Russian church in southern Moscow this year. Starting in early August for a week and a half, a team of about six SOAR workers, including a first-ever intern, will teach classes and share the Gospel message.

“Last year a church approached us about helping them with an [English] camp they had already started…and they were using that as a way to minister. But they also wanted it to be a very good quality English training camp as well,” SOAR’s Greg Mangione said. “They didn’t want to say, ‘Hey come to an English camp’ and then it was all Bible. They wanted to be true to both purposes.

“We sent a small team to go and help them last year, and we loved working with the church. They seemed to love working with us and invited us again this year to bring a team of English speakers.”

Photo by SOAR International

Photo by SOAR International

When mission groups are involved in events like these, they are often the main organizers and financial supporters. This camp, however, is completely put on by the Russian church. SOAR workers are only working to raise enough money for travel expenses. Their goal is merely to help the church minister effectively.

“[(Last year] it wasn’t just our ministry going to do something in Russia as SOAR, but we were coming along side the church and helping enable and facilitate the ministry they wanted to do to their community,” Mangione said. “It really was successful and exciting to see the church get excited to minister to their own people.

“One of the things we have a burden for here at SOAR is to assist churches that want to grow their ministry or do something, but need some assistance, maybe training or encouragement.”

Mangione said this camp blesses the workers just as much as the children. He said he is looking forward to see how God works during the week.

SOAR International's Greg and Vika Mangione.  (Photo courtesy of SOAR International)

SOAR International’s Greg and Vika Mangione.
(Photo courtesy of SOAR International)

“The seeds that are planted to everyone are invaluable,” Mangione said. “We’re just looking forward to seeing what God has in store. We definitely appreciate the prayers.

“It’s exciting to us to see churches across Russia. They are reaching out and serving their people as they have needs, and we’re able to come alongside them. We’re really excited to partner with them and work together for the common goal of sharing Christ’s love.”

There are multiple ways you can help SOAR show Christ’s love to children in Russia. Pray that SOAR workers would raise the funds needed to serve in Russia and that children would be receptive to the Gospel. Financially assist SOAR as it teaches children about Jesus or find other ways to get involved by visiting SOAR’s camp ministries page.

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