Russian war affects Bible translation in former Soviet nations

By August 31, 2023

Eurasia (MNN) — Few things remain untouched when one country declares war on another, including Bible translation. When Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, the ensuing war forced unfoldingWord to rethink its strategy.

unfoldingWord provides resources, training, and technology so local churches can translate God’s Word into minority languages. More about that here.

The ministry’s Eurasian Gateway Language project focuses on former Soviet Union countries. Project leader Arne* says, “This particular initiative has many prongs. The team has projects initiated in four former USSR countries besides Ukraine.”

Russia’s invasion disrupted much of the work connected to this project. “The war disrupted [our] ability to flow funds into some of our team members,” Arne describes as one example.

unfoldingWord provides technology and tools to empower church networks in communities all over the world.
(Photo, caption courtesy of unfoldingWord)

Thankfully, “they’ve found ways around some of the issues. But everyone remains tense about the situation.”

The Eurasia Gateway Language project can potentially impact 296 million people in 15 countries. Connect with unfoldingWord here to learn how you can support this work.

Pray that Bible translation teams can overcome obstacles created by Russia’s war.

“Inside Ukraine, there’s quite a bit of pushback against anything Russian, including language materials. We’re hoping to continue with our resources, but we’re trying to create some in Ukrainian simultaneously,” Arne says.





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