Rwandan schools faced closure, funding still needed

By June 14, 2005

Rwanda (MNN) — The Evangelical Free Church of America’s Compassion Ministries is thanking God for keeping a Christian school open in Rwanda.

Jim Snyder is the director of EFCA’s Compassion Ministries. He says a plea for assistance was recently received from their church planting partners, saying that one of their schools were on the verge of being shut down by the government unless evidence could be shown that construction progress was being made. A number of buildings were started, but because of the lack of funding, never completed. Closure was imminent.

Because of your help, of the $13,500 needed, $7,000 was sent to help get the project moving again. Even though another $6,500 is still needed to finish the work, they have a reprieve.

Pray that the extra money will arrive to help complete the project that’s pointing children to Christ in this difficult area of the world.

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