Sabers bring Gospel to Himalayas

By January 21, 2013

Nepal (MNN) — A mission team will be going down to Nepal next month with Sabers.

No, not light-sabers as in Star Wars.

Vision Beyond Borders (VBB) mission team will be bringing solar powered mp3 players called "Sabers" to people in Nepal. These Sabers play the Bible on audio.

The mission team will be taking the Sabers to remote villagers high in the Himalayan Mountains. Many of these people have never even heard about Christ.

Furthermore, Nepal has an adult literacy rate of 56% according to UNESCO. With so many people who can’t read, getting the chance to hear the Bible is invaluable.

There are 153 language dialects in Nepal, and VBB has contacts working to translate God’s Word into every single dialect.

VBB’s mission team currently needs more funds to bring more Sabers to Nepal.

Pray for their funding as they bring God’s Word to these remote people. Pray for their travels and for safety.

To fund more Sabers for the Nepal mission trip, click here.

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