Safe in My Father’s House

By February 11, 2009

Zambia (MNN) — In the third installment of this three-part series, Every Orphan's Hope is taking deliberate action against the HIV/AIDS pandemic in regard to orphans. As a reminder, over 1 million orphans make up the 11 million person population in Zambia as a result of HIV/AIDS.

Every Orphan's Hope has a summer camp program to teach these children about the Gospel, as well as fulltime sponsorships for over 400 orphans. The best way to re-establish some semblance of familial ties for these children, however, is through My Father's House Orphan Homes.

"My Father's House Orphan Homes are really designed to create a new family in the local community where the children live and where the church is already planted," explains Every Orphan's Hope CEO Gary Schneider. "So these homes are 980 square-foot homes, three bedrooms, and will house up to eight orphans in that home with a widowed house mother to create a new family."

Orphan Homes provide children with a family structure, as well as other necessities. Children are given nutritious meals, schooling and health care. Above all else, these orphans are given the opportunity to know Jesus in a new and personal way.

"The bottom line is, as we always say, ‘Every orphan's hope is Jesus Christ.' And so that leads our ministry in everything we do. We know we can feed them, we can clothe them, we can house them, we can educate them, we can even provide health care. But lasting hope comes in the knowledge and the salvation that is found in Jesus Christ."

Four new My Father's House Orphan Homes are being built right now and should be completed with children in them by May. The homes have indoor plumbing, clean water, stoves, refrigerators and anything else needed to keep the children safe and healthy. Each house costs about $33,000 USD to build. About $1,500 USD every month provides for the upkeep of these houses as well as the sponsorship of the children's health care, education, food and other necessities.

Your church or your small group can sponsor one of these homes on a monthly basis. For more hands-on action, Every Orphan's Hope is looking for volunteers to join them on the field this summer in Zambia for more construction. If you can help in either initiative, click here.

Every Orphan's Hope still needs help with their child sponsorships, child camp sponsorships and at their Camp Hope Bible camps. Please pray for the orphans that this organization will reach, and prayerfully consider joining hands with them in their mission to bring every orphan the hope of Jesus Christ.

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