Safe water helps both body and spirit

By November 12, 2014

Zimbabwe (MNN) — In Zimbabwe, water is healing people both physically and spiritually. But that hasn’t always been the case.

From 2008 to 2009, 4,300 people were killed from cholera, devastating thousands. It all came down to the fact that people were drinking contaminated water from hand-dug wells.

The village of Overspill, Zimbabwe, was once a source of deadly water. Today, the Living Water of Christ is making all things new.

Living Water International (LWI) restored 13 wells and drilled 6 more at churches. And with the privilege of giving good, clean water, churches are taking the opportunity to minister to the people.

LWI reports, “The cholera epidemic made the church realize you don’t only save spiritually, you also save physically,” said Reverend Daylight Korombe, an Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe board member.

Caretakers of the wells are taking the time to learn about people, who they are, and what they do. They pray over their families.

For Fadzai, one of the well caretakers, her compassion led to many families–who were once broken by domestic dispute–attending church.

Fadzai also teaches children the quality of health and hygiene. Those once skeptical of believers are now serving alongside them to develop well guidelines, organize daily cleaning teams, and even set up a repair fund.

“People now see the church as a source of development, a source of hope, a source of optimism, a source of grace,” said Kudakwashe Kurashwa, an EFZ program officer.

“People are viewing the church as a useful, relevant agent that can bring development to the community.”

Though they’ve come so far, they need to continue moving forward. If you would like to donate to help drill more wells in Zimbabwe, click here.

Pray for families in Zimbabwe to continue receiving clean water. Pray that  Living Water can help more churches demonstrate God’s love to their communities through clean water and conquer spiritual darkness through the transforming power of the Living Water of Jesus Christ!

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