Same mission, new name for Medical Ambassadors International.

By January 22, 2007

International (MNN)– What began as a traditional medical mission for Medical Ambassadors International moved toward the integration of evangelism and community development activities.

In a sense, they outgrew their name. Dr. Bob Paul says they chose a name that better fits their vision and mission: ‘LifeWind International’. “It’s inspired, really, by the biblical concept that the Holy Spirit is like the wind, as Jesus said…it’s like the breath of God that breathes life into human beings. So, we mean to point towards the life transforming power of the Holy Spirit through the name ‘LifeWind.'”

Paul explains that the key to Community Health Evangelism, or CHE (chay)’s success is the community’s willingness to ‘own’ change. “We find that this is, actually, a tremendously effective means of church planting, of discipling people, of bringing people to faith in Christ. They come to understand that the Lord really brings them salvation, not only to their soul, so to speak, but in every dimension of their life.”

CHE is a comprehensive strategy for empowering community change. Through it, community volunteers are equipped to evangelize, make disciples, improve health and organize community development projects.

LifeWind, partnered with like-minded agencies, trains community members so they can teach and train others in the community. It is a process of mobilizing the community’s latent potential.

Local volunteers learn how to not only evangelize and disciple their community, but also how to improve sanitation, preventing diseases, enhancing agriculture, increasing food production, creating new enterprises to help overcome poverty.

LifeWind is poised for more growth, save two ingredients: workers to train the community and funds. If you want to help, click here.

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