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Published on 27 May, 2010

Sammy Tippit celebrates past and present revival

South Africa (MNN) — It's been 150 years since evangelist Andrew Murray ministered in South Africa and sparked a revival throughout the country.

In honor of this anniversary, evangelist Sammy Tippit traveled to South Africa. While there, Sammy Tippit Ministries held a conference called Heart Cry in the church Murray once pastored. Tippit said, "This was a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the revival under Andrew Murray's ministry and a call for God's people to seek God's face for a new move of His Spirit."

Tippit also traveled to the country's capital, Pretoria, to deliver a similar message.

Throughout his visit, Tippit said he watched God at work even before he issued a call to revival. "God is doing something really wonderful in South Africa, and there's a real move of the spirit of the Lord."

For example, Angus Buchan, a South African farmer and a speaker at the conference, began inviting men to his farm to minister to and disciple them. Seven years ago, he began a conference called Mighty Men, with a hundred or so men in attendance. Six weeks ago, he had over 300,000 men attend the conference.

Tippit said South Africa and other countries, like Brazil and India, are developing economically and moving away from the third world. As they do, they are becoming a major force in their region. They could make a huge impact. "If those countries, simultaneous to that happening, can see a great spiritual awakening, they can play a pivotal role in evangelizing the region of the world around them," Tippit said. Buchan is an example of this.

What Tippit and Buchan have witnessed of God's work in South Africa indicate that the country is well on its way to making this spiritual impact.

Pray for God to continue to stir the hearts and minds of South African Christians. Pray for the fruit of this revival to be reaped throughout all of Africa. 

Visit Sammy Tippit's Web site to hear more about what God is doing in South Africa and around the world, and find out how you can support these movements.

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