Sammy Tippit Ministries creating new app

By April 16, 2021

International (MNN) — Sammy Tippit Ministries is creating its own app, which will be available in 15 languages.

Sammy Tippit says, “Several years ago, I had a Romanian Christian leader and an Iranian Christian leader ask me to develop apps for their language group, something to disciple people. Because they have people who are scattered all over the world and refugees in the diaspora. They needed something that could help them to grow in Christ no matter where they were and that would go across borders.”

The English app will launch first, coming sometime later this year. Languages like Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, and Farsi will follow.

Tippit says the app will give users a daily devotion. “They will be able to access that through audio, video, or text; whichever way is easiest for them. Along with that, there will be resources. We will have all of our training for small groups, for leaders, and for evangelism. Plus we will have what we call a library. So for instance (not in English but in the other languages) we will have Bible commentaries.”

For years, Sammy Tippit Ministries has fostered the growth of small Christian discipleship groups all over the world. Now, these groups will be able to connect on this new app. Pray God will use it to strengthen the global Church.



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