Sammy Tippit Ministries’ livestream event reaches millions worldwide

By June 11, 2020
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International (MNN) — Sammy Tippit Ministries’ livestream event proved a huge success, with over 4 million views between 11 pages enabling people all over the world to hear the Gospel message.

Sammy Tippit explains that the event was livestreamed over Facebook in 11 different languages, each on its own page, enabling many people to hear the Good News in their native languages.

“It went beyond what we were anticipating or expecting,” he says. “It was just a great outreach time.”

Amazing Outreach

Of the 11 videos, seven were completely unique, featuring their own speakers and music presentations. Four videos were a presentation Tippit previously gave with new translation added. The Arabic video was one of these four, but it actually experienced the most success.

“Our largest viewership came from the Arabic page, which was really surprising to me,” Tippit explains. “We had 732,000 views of the Gospel presentation.”

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The English broadcast featured several prominent guests who spoke on how their faith has helped them through hardships, tying into Tippit’s message for the program.

“We need to get our feet off the sand and put feet on the rock,” he says. “Christ is our solid rock.”

Incredible Impact

Many responses came pouring in, some to local churches that partnered with Sammy Tippit Ministries. Tippit says these stories carry a great impact, especially those about people who made decisions to follow Christ.

“One of the great blessings was that on two different continents, people who are on the verge of suicide were going through their Facebook pages and saw [the livestream]. [They] watched it, gave their hearts to Christ, and God delivered them from their suicide, saved them out of that,” he says.

Other people who accepted Christ found courage where before they only experienced fear.

“There were two nurses in India, who were fearful for their lives because of COVID-19. [They] were not going to go back to work, but they gave their hearts to Christ,” Tippit says. “Because of their commitment to Christ, they had the strength and the courage to go back to work and serve people with COVID-19.”

Many of the local churches that partnered with Sammy Tippit Ministries for this even are now following up with people who gave their lives to Christ.

“One pastor friend in Brazil said he had 17 people in his local community who gave their hearts to Christ and wrote in on the comments on their page, [so] they’re following up those 17 people,” Tippit says.

Moving Forward

Tippit believes that the outpouring of response demonstrates how desperate the world is for Christ.

“The world is hungry for the Gospel, and there are places where God is moving,” he says.

(Photo courtesy of Sammy Tippit Ministries via Facebook)

Tippit encourages believers to lean into these crucial needs through prayer and sharing the Gospel. He offers many resources for doing so on his organization’s website.

“We need to pray for revival right here in North America, but we also need to be getting out and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with others,” Tippit says. “God has given us tools to use that are just absolutely incredible. We need to take those tools and use them for His glory.”



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