Sammy Tippit moves ministry to TV for booming Indian church

By March 16, 2011

India (MNN) — The church in India has been booming for years now. The Gospel continues to spread quickly, but one ministry has a unique way of spreading it.

Evangelist Sammy Tippit usually holds conferences to share the Word and build up the church. For this particular project, Tippit will indeed hold a conference, but only at the end of a TV series.

Sammy Tippit Ministries began filming this month for the Heart-Cry for Revival broadcast series for India. The television series is scheduled to begin in May or June and is expected to be viewed by millions of Indians in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Discussions for the broadcast began with Good News Television back in November 2010. Now, only a few months later, production is already in progress

The broadcasts will consist mostly of messages brought by speakers from the STM Heart-Cry for Revival conference, with Tippit as the weekly host. STM anticipates that several million Indian Christians will watch the weekly broadcast. Voice-overs will be done, and the speakers will be heard in the native tongue of the viewer.

When the series ends in November 2011, STM will conduct a live Heart-Cry conference in Chennai. STM is planning for speakers from their Heart Cry conference to minister to Indian leaders. When the conference concludes, Dave Tippit and Sammy Tippit will spend time training younger evangelists.

This program has the potential to bring many to Christ for the first time, but also to train up leaders in the booming Indian church. Pray for both to happen. Keep updated on the program's progress at the STM Web site.

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