Sammy Tippit releases 13-day prayer challenge

By September 26, 2022

International (MNN) — Sammy Tippit has developed a 13-day prayer challenge. It has been released in English, and in October, it will be released in Romanian and Spanish.

By the end of the year, Tippit hopes to see it released in Farsi so people in Iran can have access to it. He says, “The premise is that the Lord’s prayer is the most powerful prayer that could ever be prayed, because Jesus taught us to pray that way.”

Tippit says the Lord’s Prayer can transform the way people think about prayer. “This is not praying about the politics of our day. It’s not praying about our little kingdoms. But it’s really seeing the heart of God.”

You can sign up for the challenge at Sammy Tippit’s website. Each day for 13 days, participants receive an email that will give simple instructions to meditate on each aspect of the Lord’s Prayer.

Dramatic stories

Participants will also watch a dramatic monologue video illustrating one phrase of the prayer. Tippit says, “They are dramatic stories, they’re true stories, and they’re my stories: the ways in which I learned to pray for this truth.

For instance, Tippit talks about the story accompanying the phrase, “As we forgive our debtors.” He says, “I was in Rwanda right after the genocide. And I met with a mayor of one of the cities where the genocide had taken place.”

The mayor was betrayed by his best friend, who took some of his children and had them killed by the militia. Tippit said, “‘What did you do?’ And he said, ‘I forgave them.’ And I said, ‘Wait a minute. What do you mean you forgave them? I mean, that’s not natural.’ He said, ‘No, it’s not. It’s supernatural.’”

“He said, ‘There needs to be justice, and justice will be served. But for me and my heart, it would have only destroyed me. I drew from the grace of God.’”



Header photo courtesy of Sammy Tippit. 

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