Sammy Tippit speaks at national pastors’ conference

By September 17, 2009

Ghana (MNN) — For the past two weeks, pastors in Ghana have
learned about prayer and discipleship in the nation's two largest cities. All
three conference speakers tied their themes to discipleship: what it means to
be a true follower of Jesus and how to make Christ-followers.

"These pastors were hungry," said Sammy Tippit, founder of Sammy Tippit Ministries and one
of three speakers at the Ghanaian conference. "I was so impressed with their
depth of desire to grow in Jesus and make Him known to Ghana."

The conference drew approximately 1,000 pastors, many of
whom said their lives were forever altered. Speakers included Sammy Tippit,
Nigerian conference speaker Gbili Akanni, and Bishop Asanti. Tippit spoke with Akanni
at the Accra gathering, which drew 700 pastors and ministry leaders.

Tippit addressed the importance of prayer and instructed
pastors to build their life and ministry upon it. He challenged leaders to lead
a life of prayer, telling them "they could only reproduce praying church
members if they were praying pastors."

Akanni spoke at the Accra meetings, encouraging pastors with
leadership principles and challenging them with time management. He made plans
with Challenge Enterprises, host and sponsor of the two-week conference, to
follow up the conference with a leadership retreat.

In Kumasi, Ghana's second largest city, head of the Methodist
Church of Ghana Bishop Asanti spoke to the 300 pastors about discipleship.
Asanti defined what it meant for Christ-followers to love one another, God's
second greatest commandment.

Pray that pastors would apply knowledge obtained at the
conference to their daily walk with Christ.

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