Sanctions against Iran come as documentary is released

By October 26, 2007

USA (MNN) — U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice announced sanctions against Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps, the most powerful arm of that country's fighting forces. The sanctions are an effort to limit the regime's nuclear program and increase the costs to Iran of its irresponsible behavior. It marks the first time that the United States has tried to isolate or punish another country's military.

While sanctions are being imposed, a Christian has just released a documentary that will help Christians understand more about the people of Iran and others who are persecuted for their faith in Christ. Open Doors, USA is supporting the work of its producer, Joseph Hovsepian.

He describes the documentary. "It's really an action thriller and drama and has all the genres that makes it an appealing documentary. It covers a lot of areas, and it informs the viewer about what's happening in the church and in the nation of Iran."

Hovsepian says this documentary is also designed for "good people who are looking for the true God, and they find it in Christ."

However, it's also meant to be a challenge to Christians "to think of people in Iran and in the eastern countries who are still today lacking the freedom of church and freedom of religion. And, I think that's a message that every American today needs to think about."

Christians may be shocked by the documentary. Hovsepian says, "There are many Iranians who come to Christ [on] a daily basis, and they are so thirsty for Christ. Sometimes I would say more thirsty then the church that I see in America."

Pray for ministry that's taking place in the underground church in Iran and through satellite television. Pray that God continues to lead young people in Iran to Himself.

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