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Published on 06 January, 2012

Sanctity of human life resources offered

USA (MNN) — God values human life. We see it time and time again in Scripture. As Sanctity of Human Life Sunday approaches January 15, Christians around the United States are looking for resources to help people in their church honor life and ultimately honor God, the Creator of life.

In God's eyes, life is precious, and every person has value. Dr. David Gushee, an ethicist and professor at Mercer University, wrote in an article for the Baptist Associated Press that "each and every human being, without exception, has been designated by God as a creature of incalculable worth."

Buckner International shares that belief. That's why they celebrate all stages of life, from ministering to mothers with unintended pregnancies, to promoting foster care and adoption, to giving elderly in Texas the highest quality senior living communities. It's all done to honor God.

This year, Buckner is providing free resources to churches to celebrate this important Sunday, including a Sanctity of Human Life video, an article to serve as a sermon starting point, and worship slides with key sermon points.

If you're interested in adding to what your church is already doing, or you would like to start something new, click here.

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