SAT-7 Academy merges, reaches MENA region

By December 4, 2018

MENA (MNN) — SAT-7, a satellite TV ministry to the Middle East and North Africa, just had some program changes. On November 1, SAT-7 Academy officially merged with SAT-7 Arabic and SAT-7 Kids. Telling us more is SAT-7 Academy’s Manager Julianna Sfier.

“We discovered that we did not attract a lot of new audienceship. Most of the audiences we attracted were SAT-7 Kids and SAT-7 Arabic and there’s a big need with the audiences of SAT-7 Kids and Arabic to watch Academy.”

Sfier says she expects SAT-7 Academy to attract audiences who may not necessarily watch Christian programming. In theory, these audience members will keep watching SAT-7 Kids or SAT-7 Arabic even after the SAT-7 Academy programming has finished.

SAT-7 Academy on Kids

SAT-7 Academy will be featured during three-hour blocks on SAT-7 Kids. It will also appear on SAT-7 Arabic’s social programming. Even after the merger, SAT-7 Academy will provide social and hygiene development programs, as well as informal education from a Christian worldview.

SAT-7 Academy

(Photo courtesy of SAT-7)

“We come from the point of view [that] God is love, God is acceptance, and God sees us as full humans. But, we really want to stand up for those who are marginalized. We really want to be a part of the peacebuilding process. We really want to be part of the social cohesion. We really want to bring human rights to those whose rights are not known even. And we really want to do this on SAT-7 Kids, with the kids,” Sfier says.

To help distinguish SAT-7 Academy visually on these programs, a branding logo will appear during each program. This helps kids and adults identify the educational programming.

One challenge SAT-7 Academy is facing head-on is the need to have a social media presence. To accomplish this, SAT-7 Academy has been producing shorter segments to share on social media and uploading content to YouTube. SAT-7 Academy is also in the process of developing an app on which program videos will be accessible.

Get Involved

Will you come alongside SAT-7 Academy through prayer? Sfier says through prayer, God’s wisdom is revealed. Pray for the continued success of SAT-7 Academy and for God to use this program on both SAT-7 Kids and SAT-7 Arabic. Please also pray for the encouragement, strength, and perseverance of the SAT-7 staff working on SAT-7 Academy, SAT-7 Kids, and SAT-7 Arabic.

Another way to help SAT-7 Academy is by helping coach on social media. If that interests you, connect with Sfier by messaging her through the SAT-7 Academy contact page.

Click here to send a note to Sfier.

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Header photo and video courtesy of SAT-7 Academy.

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