SAT-7 broadcasts hope to young Iranians

By November 20, 2008

Iran (MNN) — SAT-7 PARS is broadcasting a program offering
Iranian youth the understanding and compassion of Christ. The "Christian Music
Show" contains a mix of locally-produced Farsi music videos from Western
Christian bands. It's a new part of the SAT-7 goal to reach the youth of Iran.
In one recent episode, a singer described her search of fulfillment in the
world, finding that only Christ could bring  her peace.

"We plan to record and broadcast more testimonies of young
Iranians, because testimonies are powerful," said Reza, host of the Christian
Music Show. "They impact people." 

Approximately 60% of Iran's population is under the age of
25. This generation holds the key to the future of the region, but many young
people are discouraged by the lack of jobs and freedoms in their country, as
well as the threat of war. Searching for meaning and purpose in their lives,
some join extremist groups. The message of Christ's understanding of our pain
resonates with this despondent demographic.

SAT-7 wants the youth of the Middle East to know that Jesus
provides purpose and that a Christian life can be one of adventure and
fulfillment. SAT-7 PARS is operated by
Farsi-speaking Christians who believe it is vitally important to support the
work and witness of Iranian churches. SAT-7 PARS is broadcast to Farsi-speaking
viewers in Iran and the wider Persian region, including Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

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