SAT-7 celebrates Christmas on air

By December 25, 2018

Egypt (MNN) – SAT-7, a satellite TV ministry to the Middle East and North Africa, is celebrating Christmas on air. In Egypt, this means a Christmas concert that is aired on SAT-7 Arabic throughout the MENA region.

SAT-7 ARABIC and Christmas

SAT-7 ARABIC’s Sherif explains how this concert features a drama, singing, and even a message from Santa Clause. Plus, SAT-7 ARABIC’s large following on YouTube provides the opportunity to present Christ as the true Christmas story to a far greater audience.


(Photo courtesy of Sergé via Flickr)

Christmas is not widely celebrated in Egypt. However, people get into the holiday spirit in larger cities like Cairo and Alexandria. In these cities, Christmas decorations along with Christmas trees can be found at the mall and other various stores. Even the media will air Christmas themed content, most of which relate to Santa Clause, who Sherif describes as a sort of “official” figure for Christmas in Egypt. Here, Christmas is more like a festival than a holiday.

“All media want to celebrate with Christmas spirit, not about Jesus…the Christmas spirit is different…They love colors, they love Christmas trees, they love music,” Sherif explains.

Be Prayerful, Be Active

However, Christmas also provides SAT-7 Arabic with an opportunity to make the Gospel available. This year, SAT-7 Arabic’s Santa Clause will not just give presents, but also share about the birth of Christ and the message of the nativity.

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While the Christmas concert will air on TV, some people had the opportunity to experience the live programming when the concert was filmed on December 23. These people had the chance to enjoy the music and excitement of the event in person.

“I think people [have a] need for hope, [a] need for new hope, [a] new way for life. They [are] waiting for this special event to hear about Christianity. And the Christmas [concert] is the biggest event on our screen,” Sherif says.

Pray for this Christmas concert to be available for all who want to learn more about the Christian Christmas in the Middle East and North Africa. Ask God to bless this programming and that it would bring joy and hope to the viewers. Pray for the nativity message to be well received and enjoyed. Finally, pray for the Christians in Egypt to experience a safe and joyous time of celebrating Christ’s birth.

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Header photo courtesy of SAT-7 USA via Facebook.

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