SAT-7 comes alongside North African Christians

By October 4, 2021

Algeria (MNN) — Christianity once had a large following in North Africa. Today, followers of Jesus are few and far between. But they display a tremendous devotion to God and each other.

Joe Willey with SAT-7 USA says, “Because of the oppression and the lack of Christian resources, many believers are young in their faith. But there is really great enthusiasm. We know that when they become believers, they also become sincere servants of God, and they open their hearts and their homes.”


Samia and her family. (Photo courtesy of SAT-7 USA)

One Christian in Algeria, Samia, spoke to SAT-7. She says life isn’t easy under an increasingly strict government that has forced some churches to close down.

But Samia says believers wear persecution like a “crown on their heads.” She compared her community to the early church, with everyone sharing their possessions and being devoted to prayer.

Samia says the Algerian Church hopes to build a bridge to the rest of society. They even aspire to end regional conflicts between the Arab and Amazigh peoples. Learn more about Samia and hear from other North African Christians here.

SAT-7’s work in North Africa

Willey says SAT-7 walks alongside North African Christians. “Because North African believers are often young in their faith, they have questions. They want to know more. So SAT-7 created the program Standard Talk to explain basic theology, and also explain the Christian faith to non-believers.”

Despite resistance, Samia says the Church is reaching out to their neighbors in love. Pray God will bring healing to Algeria through the love of these Christians. Willey says, “We can just pray that God would allow the churches to open and that Christians would be allowed to worship freely.”



Header photo courtesy of SAT-7 USA.