SAT-7 debuts new social media channels to meet new trends

By May 27, 2021

Middle East (MNN) — The COVID-19 pandemic has driven people more and more to screens and the internet. People seek information, and they want to be connected with others.

That’s why SAT-7 has unveiled a new social media structure for the SAT-7 ARABIC audience. Joe Willey of SAT-7 USA says, “That will really allow us to follow up with their requests and their questions in a much more efficient way. So there are five new social media channels, SAT-7 Family, SAT-7 Youth, SAT-7 Women, SAT-7 Worship, and SAT-7 Daily Bread.”

Deeper engagement

SAT-7 doesn’t just broadcast content out to people in the Middle East and North Africa. They engage with user questions as well and provide people with guidance. Willey says, “The trends show that people are looking for this specialized content. Many are searching for answers to why all this is happening, asking why there is a pandemic, and this is an opportune time for SAT-7 to connect with people.”

As the pandemic drags on, pray Jesus will continue to strengthen His Church in the Middle East and North Africa. “Our prayers at SAT-7 are certainly with them. We hope that everyone else would pray as well. But we’re also asking that you will pray that God will use SAT-7 to tell people about Jesus Christ. That is really where the hope is found.”



Header photo courtesy of SAT-7 USA on Facebook.