SAT-7 empowers women through “Needle and New Thread” programming

By April 20, 2018

MENA (MNN) — SAT-7, a satellite TV ministry to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), is empowering girls and women through its program, “Needle and New Thread.”

“Needle and New Thread”

The program is a revamp of its predecessor, “Needle and Thread.” SAT-7 USA’s Senior Vice President Debbie Brink explains the name in Arabic represents this idea of weaving together a tapestry of women’s experiences, dreams, desires, and needs in the region. And since it’s an Arabic channel, Brink says it reaches the most women in the region.

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In fact, “Needle and New Thread” is a live program. Women watching can call in to have questions answered by specialists and experts. And the topics usually relate to common problems women face. This opportunity allows women access to answers they may not be able to ask friends or family about.

“So women who have trouble with their husbands at times, whether it’s abuse or other kinds of marital problems or family issues, have an opportunity to call in and ask the experts on the program for answers or for help,” Brink says. “It’s a private and helpful way for them to be able to get the help they need.”

Women’s Issues

Brinks shares that abusive marriages are common in this region. Especially in areas of poverty. A contributing factor to this is child marriages. Girls aren’t always allowed to go to school, so many are deprived of a way to take care of themselves.

Furthermore, parents will marry their daughters off very young for financial reasons, as a way to protect them, and more. But, these girls most likely become the wife of a stranger or an older man, and thus the vicious cycle of abuse sprouts.

“I think it’s really important for our supporters and your listeners to really understand the issues that women are dealing with in the Middle East and North Africa. And to think about it, educate themselves, read our articles that we send out,” Brinks says. “I think, especially women on women’s issues, when we understand these things and realize what’s going on, we want to try to do something to help.”

Giving Help

The greatest way to help impact lives in the MENA region thought “Needle and New Thread” is simple, just support the programming. This can be done through financial giving and by praying. The more programs SAT-7 can provide addressing women’s issues, the better chance these women and girls have at getting out of poverty.

Women like Nadia often feel depressed living with limited options. But SAT-7 programs teach them that they can still be triumphant! “Ever since I’ve been watching your programs, I feel better. Life is more beautiful.” #GodsLoveIsVisible
(Photo/Caption courtesy of SAT-7)

“We have a channel that’s providing education and most of the research shows that education is the greatest way to help these women, these girls, to not get into these situations,” Brink explains.

“This channel educates the child in regular school subjects. But it also educates, has programs for the parents, and for teachers. To help them be better parents and be better teachers. So, we’re trying address these issues from all angles.”

But, an opportunity at a better life isn’t the only thing these women and girls are getting from watching “Needle and New Thread,” they’re also being exposed to the hope of the Gospel and the light of Christ.

Be Prayerful, Be Active

So please, will you pray? Pray for SAT-7’s viewers to understand their program’s message, for open hearts to the Gospel, and for people to place their faith in Christ.

It’s important to note that most governments in the MENA region have laws or are trying to pass laws to end the issues of child brides. However, people tend to find ways around the law. Pray these laws prohibiting child marriages would be enforced and for loopholes surrounding the laws to be closed.

And please, pray for these women and girls’ protection in the MENA region.

Financially support, “Needle and New Thread” or other SAT-7 programs here!

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