SAT-7 encourages prayer for Taliban

By October 15, 2021

Afghanistan (MNN) — SAT-7 continues broadcasting the Gospel into Afghanistan. Rex Rogers with SAT-7 USA says, “Every day, we can reach every TV set there with the languages they understand: Farsi and Dari.”

Continue to pray this ministry would reach many Afghans with the hope of Jesus.

Pray for the Taliban?

But Rogers also encourages readers to pray for the Taliban. “As human beings, we tend to categorize and think that person is too bad, too evil, too far gone – that they’re beyond God’s reach. Well, no one is beyond the reach of the Spirit of God. God is sovereign, and there’s nothing we can do to place ourselves beyond the reach of the power of the sovereignty of God. And that’s true of the Taliban.”

The risen Jesus visited the apostle Paul, a religious radical who used violence to advance his cause. Rogers says God can work in similar ways among the Taliban. “What if the next Billy Graham, so to speak, right now is a Taliban soldier? And he’s marvelously saved, coming to Christ. Because of his background, his language skills, his experience, and his communications ability, what if God in His providence begins to use him as a great evangelist?”

Jesus commanded His followers to pray for their enemies. Ask God to change many hearts among the Taliban, and end their reign of violence and fear.

Rogers says Christianity has a future in Afghanistan, despite the terrible reign of the Taliban. He uses Iran as an illustration. “In 1979, when the Iranian Revolution took place, it completely changed the government into a new theocratic society. People said, ‘that’s it for Christianity in Iran. It’s never going to happen. They’re doomed. And yet missiologists tell us today that the church is growing faster in Iran than any other country of the world.”



Header photo courtesy of SAT-7.