SAT-7 expands viewership further across North Africa

By November 4, 2011

Africa (MNN) — SAT-7 is a Christian satellite television service to the Middle East and North Africa with a combined 15-17 million viewers.

That viewership is about to expand.

For the first time, parts of North Africa, including Morocco and Western Algeria, will have access to SAT-7 ARABIC and SAT-7 KIDS channels through the Nilesat satellite system.

SAT-7 reports that after two years of broadcasting on Nilesat, these two channels have been transferred to a new satellite within the Nilesat system. They have now successfully transferred from the Atlantic Bird 4A satellite to the new Atlantic Bird 7(AB&) satellite which offers better coverage of the Arab world.

SAT-7 CEO Terence Ascott notes, "We have been waiting a long time for the launch of this new satellite, which will not only give us a stronger signal and better coverage of all parts of the Arabic-speaking world, but will also make it easier for new viewers to find these two key SAT-7 channels on their receivers."

In the midst of much uncertainty throughout the Middle East and North Africa as political climates continue to change, SAT-7 is providing daily encouragement and spiritual perspective to the millions of viewers who tune in. Live interactive programming gives viewers a chance to ask questions and hear answers from counselors about the Biblical principles they learn about on television.

Pray for this new endeavor. A bigger audience means a greater opportunity to share the message of Christ. Pray that many who are tuning into SAT-7 channels for the first time would be engaged by the things they learn and consider the truths they hear. Pray for the Holy Spirit to continue working in hearts via this broadcasting network.

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