SAT-7 hopes to create a Farsi children’s television series.

By September 29, 2004

MIddle East (MNN) — Satellite television is a powerful way to take the Gospel to restricted countries in the Middle East and North Africa. God is moving in people’s lives and the Gospel is reaching people in their own language through Christian television programming.

SAT-7 is planning to do just that with a new children’s television series called “Gole-Gandom,” all in Farsi. The series will be modeled after “As Sanabel,” SAT-7’s Arabic children’s program that has seen tremendous response from children and parents alike. Presently, Farsi-speaking children do not have a program in their own language, and that is why SAT-7 desires to create the new series.

With the potential to reach over 35-million Farsi-speaking young people and also their parents with the truth of Jesus, SAT-7 needs your help. They hope to produce 62 episodes of “Gole-Gandom,” costing less than $6,700 per 30-minute episode.

SAT-7 is a strategic satellite television service for the Middle East and North Africa, reaching viewers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray that God will bless this strategic outreach and that many will respond to the power of the Gospel.

For more information about how you can help SAT-7 with this strategic ministry, go to their website

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