SAT-7 is working on new television shows for children.

By September 26, 2013

SAT792613Middle East (MNN)—While American is anticipating new television shows to air this fall, two television studios in the Middle East plan to use their new shows to bring hope to children and their families amidst the violence against Christians. SAT-7, a Christian satellite television ministry to the Middle East and North Africa, is currently working on several new television shows for children. These are to air this fall as part of SAT-7 KIDS in both Lebanon and Egypt.

In mid-August, attacks against Christians in Egypt reached a new level as Churches were burned and Christian organizations targeted with violence. Earlier this month SAT-7 aired footage of Christians worshipping in the rubble of what once was the Evangelical Church of Beni Mazar, located in Minia, Egypt. This note of encouragement continues, as SAT-7 seeks to reach the younger generations through unique television shows.

The Lebanon studio is getting ready to air 3 new shows: Fun Farm, Bible Heroes, and With Smirna.

Fun Farm targets the youngest children, ages 6-8, teaching them with the aid of songs and stories pertaining to animals.

For a more interactive viewing experience, Bible Heroes provides an opportunity for the viewer to win prizes. To do this, they can call in and answer questions correctly about the featured Bible hero of the day.

Viewers receive helpful advice and conversation on the show With Smirna. This program is geared towards both children and their parents as it discusses topics relevant to the viewer.

Two separate shows are being prepared for air at the Egypt studio.  With Jesus throws an interesting twist on the talk show setting as it utilizes such tools as song and drama to engage and teach children about God.

In an attempt to instruct children on stories of the Bible, GPS is a show that performs the stories with puppets. Direction to various stories is provided by a GPS device. The goal of these new shows is to reach children at a young age to teach them about Christ. The hope is that they will be encouraged even as they witness horrific events all around them.

While prayer for the successful impact of SAT-7 is needed, Christians can also contribute to the progress of this ministry through donation. $10 can support 10 viewers for an entire year.  Click here for more information:

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