SAT-7 KIDS creative way to get to know characters of the Bible

By April 21, 2014
Hosts Karen and Ayzar

Hosts Karen and Ayzar (Photo by SAT-7 USA)

Middle East (MNN) — Since 2007, children in the Middle East have encountered Christ through their television. SAT-7, a Christian satellite television ministry to the Middle East and North Africa, has the only Arabic Christian television channel for young and adolescent children.

Next month, SAT-7 KIDS plans to premiere the program Bible Heroes which is a game show for kids to get familiar with different characters from the Bible. Each day hosts Karen and Ayzar will introduce a new Bible character and tell a bit about the character’s background. Viewers can call into the show to answer trivia questions about the hero. If they are correct, they earn prizes.

The goal of the children’s shows at SAT-7 KIDS is to give children real hope amid the violence and the blindness of other relgions. They want to provide truth to people that are resistant to it. Often times, the children are not the only ones that hear the Gospel. Their parents do, too.

The game show setting of Bible Heroes provides a unique opportunity for whole families to get involved in learning about Jesus and His followers.

According to SAT-7 KIDS, the channel reaches 1.7 million children under the age of 15 in Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt.

Pray that the premier would be successful and well-received next month. Pray that God would continue to prepare the hearts of the viewers.

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