SAT-7 Kids reveals true colors with new show

By August 28, 2008

Middle East (MNN) — Pre-school-aged children are the focus of a new program that began airing this week on
SAT-7 Kids.

The program producer whom we'll
call 'Rita' describes it this way: "It's a bit interactive, very
interesting, educational, spiritual; and it's teaching basic truths of
Christianity that they can comprehend at that age."  

Entitled "Colors,"
children will learn basic words, concepts and Bible lessons through songs. It
begins with a blank coloring book on screen. Colors are added, and soon, children appear. 

According to SAT-7, the show doesn't
have any physical sets. Instead, they
use TV green screen technology so that each new "location" appears as a drawing
filled with colorful animated cartoons. Every beautifully-produced episode
includes three songs and a story.

It's appealing because
"it's aiming to children that are at home. They love SAT-7 Kids, and we're
producing something for them. But also, this program is broadcast on a unique
channel–it's a Christian channel for the Arab world." 

The goal is to plant Biblical
truths in the minds of children. "Pray that this program will have
series two and three and four. It's very strategic for our young viewers, since
age two."

"Colors" could be considered an
investment in the future of ministry. As children grow, SAT-7 KIDS hopes to grow with them. It's the first and only Arabic Christian
channel exclusively for children, launched in December 2007.

This channel aims to make the
Gospel of Christ available to an entire generation of young Arabs in a way
meaningful to them. But producing quality programs like "Colors" is expensive. Rita says they'll need prayer and financial support to keep them going strong. 

SAT-7 KIDS can be watched on Hot
Bird 6 Satellite, 13 Degrees East, Transponder 157, 11,642 MHz, Horizontal
Polarity, 27.5 MSym/sec, FEC ¾.

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