SAT-7 KIDS sees the Gospel at work in the Middle East and North Africa

By May 1, 2020

MENA (MNN) – Stay at home orders are difficult for everyone, but even more so for those with little control, such as refugees and children. Despite these restrictions, SAT-7, a satellite TV ministry to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), continues to bring the hope of the Gospel to those most in limbo from COVID-19 restrictions.

The SAT-7 KIDS channel is especially focusing on educating and supporting children during the confusion of COVID-19 restrictions.

Katerina Parpa with SAT-7 says, “Well, SAT-7 as a whole, is a holistic ministry. Meaning that we cater to all the needs – spiritual and educational and development needs – of our viewers. So, the programming that we’ve been broadcasting these past five weeks that we’ve been in lockdown, has been focused on instructional as you said. It’s educating children on hygiene, on washing hands, but at the same time we’re bringing the spiritual element into it.”

From segments talking about active hygiene habits to counseling programs for parents, the programs on SAT-7 KIDS help families through a difficult time.

An Increase Online

The formats of the programs vary. For instance, some kids on the program Puzzle have created music videos for those who watch. Parpa says, “They’re basically written by children and teens and they’re aimed to help our kids, our viewers, feel that they are… they’re not alone in this isolation, and that other kids just like them are having the same feelings and thoughts.”

Regular presenters are also creating and sharing content, not just on the channels, but on social media as well. And people are seeing it. Recently SAT-7 KIDS has seen an 500% increase in their Facebook audience. That means new kids hear they have value, rights, and a loving God.

“…all they have is God…”

Many of the problems both refugee and non-refugee children face day to day are increased during this time, including the risk of increased domestic violence, uncertain provisions, and more.

“Right now children are, depending on their circumstances, depending on their family, depending on the spiritual maturity of their parents – they might be at a point where they feel like all they have is God or Jesus in their life,” Parpa notes.

Allo Marianne Program airs on SAT-7 KIDS (Image courtesy of SAT-7)

That’s why this programming is so important. It provides an outlet for fun and play. Different programs offer educational resources for children and for parents while providing a Biblical view of suffering, joy, and life.

For instance, one program presenter shared with the children that, “The Word of God says out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants, you have ordained strength because of your enemies. You may silence the enemy in the event.”

Parpa continues, “This was psalms eight, verse two and many kids are calling into the live program and they’re sharing their prayers. They’re sharing their thoughts. It’s so simple for kids to know that just by praising they can fight off the fears and the stress of what is happening.”

Kids hear this, feel the hope of the message, and share Gospel truths with friends and family. Hope is being absorbed and proclaimed through SAT-7 KIDS programming.

Our Daily Bread

The reports of impact are encouraging and show how much SAT-7 KIDS has the potential to encourage children.

“We are dealing with this situation as well and yet we need our daily manna. We need our daily encouragement. We need our daily strengths,” Parpa states. “And how much more so are these children who are in refugee camps, or displaced, or their families have lost their jobs? Their parents are frustrated and angry and can’t provide for them. So it’s important that we keep sharing the message that God is with them. That God is taking care of them that their security is not in things. It is not in people, but it is in God.”

(Image courtesy of SAT-7 USA)

Even in these uncertain times, SAT-7 KIDS depends on the support of partners to continue their work. Parpa encourages people to join ministry work in a number of ways.

“They can support a channel or the ministry with a donation. They can share our content with their friends as well. We post a lot of content on our social media and our website that updates our supporters who are interested. We post almost daily.”

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Header image courtesy of SAT-7 USA.

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