SAT-7 KIDS’ viewership increases by 21 percent

By April 1, 2019

MENA (MNN) — SAT-7 is a satellite TV ministry to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Over the last two years, some of its channels have experienced a significant viewership increase. In 2018, SAT-7 conducted a survey through the research firm IPSOS for SAT-7 KIDS. It found that SAT-7 KIDS has grown by 21 percent* and discovered over 80 percent of parents see benefits from their children watching the channel.

SAT-7 KIDS’ Channel Growth

SAT-7 KIDS programs teach about Jesus and positive values and behaviors, but it broadcasts to a primarily non-Christian audience. The channel has at least 5.6 million viewers, 82 percent of which watch regularly.

But why does this channel continue to grow?

(Photo courtesy of SAT-7 KIDS via Facebook)

Many of the kids watching SAT-7 KIDS live in an environment with a constant inflow of information from the internet and other media sources. Some of these viewers are told they are important based on their accomplishments. But that doesn’t sit well with kids growing up in a system of rewards, punishments, and generational gaps. These are kids who call war-torn countries home and struggle to find their identities.

“We help them find their identity in God first. We talk about His unconditional love and help them to open up, be motivated, and willing to learn and explore. We help them find their value as a human being. We give them a platform to express themselves without any judgment, we just listen. They want somebody to listen to them, to listen to their concerns, and to their needs,” says Andrea Elmounayer, Channel Manager for SAT-7 KIDS.

Producing Quality Programming

For Elmounayer, it is not the numbers that matter but the quality of work SAT-7 KIDS provides for its audience. The channel also invests in engagement with its audience beyond garnering “likes” on social media. SAT-7 KIDS strives to produce content that speaks to the direct needs of its audience.

One mother shared her story with us. While watching educational programs, her kids were learning a lot and wanted to give her the same opportunity. So, they got her a notebook so she could learn to read and write. Millions of families are just like this mother’s family who watches “My School.” (Photo/caption courtesy of SAT-7 via Facebook)

F0r example, during the Syrian civil war, many Syrian refugee children were left without educational opportunities. In efforts to solve this problem, SAT-7 KIDS started a program called My School that provides informal primary education to its audience. Today, it is watched by over one-million children in the MENA region.

With SAT-7 KIDS’ growth comes expected strategy and medium changes, but not to the important things.

“As SAT-7 KIDS Channel increases its audience impact, we remain committed and focused on the channel’s ecumenical values and promotions of Christian unity through diversity,” Elmounayer says.

Support the Work

Will you support SAT-7 KIDS’ work?

Elmounayer says first, prayer is essential. Pray for SAT-7 KIDS’ work, the children who watch it, and for God’s love to continue to be made available. Ask God to provide the necessary resources for completing projects and continuing to producing content that makes God’s love visible to audiences.

“Pray for SAT-7 KIDS to increase the awareness for the children in the MENA region. We want also them to pray reach more viewers and increase the social impact in the region. But at least pray for us and for our team to continue the production of high-quality programs that reaches all children who lack access to the Gospel and spiritual support, providing them with a spiritual family (that is us) and a safe place where they freely share the Christian faith and God’s love,” Elmounayer asks.

Please also pray that SAT-7 KIDS will reach its 2019 and 2020 goals for the channel.

Another way to help is by tangibly supporting SAT-7 KIDS work. To give to SAT-7 KIDS, click here.


*SAT-7 notes these figures were recorded for the past year and the increase is compared with the 2016 figures.



Header photo courtesy of SAT-7. 

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