Sat-7 launches “SAT-7 Kids”

By July 12, 2004

Middle East (MNN/Sat-7) — “When I saw the first new program I started crying, but you know…it was tears of joy.” says Rita, SAT-7
Children’s Programming Director, “I felt a dream was coming true.”

The dream is to have a regular block of Arabic Christian programs specifically designed for kids of many ages, airing at regular times every day. Currently SAT-7′ children’s programs are mostly designed for kids under age12,and they air at irregular times during SAT-7’s broadcast day.

Beginning on July 5 ,2004 , SAT-7 Kids began airing under its own logo. Initially the program will be one hour every day (repeated 3 times a day) and will contain a wide variety of formats including cartoons, puppet shows, children’s music, films and, of course, SAT-7’s flagship children’s program “As Sanabel” (Ears of Wheat).

“As Sanabel” has received thousands of letters from children across the Middle East and North Africa during its eight year run on SAT-7. But “As Sanabel” is best suited for children under age12 . The new SAT-7 Kids broadcasts will include elements produced for older children.

“We have a number of new segments created for older kids including “As Sanabel Plus” (special art segment), “Message from a Sunday School” (recorded in churches across the Arab world), “A Christian Arab Rap-Music Segment” (where kids learn about Christ through song and dance), “From the Lab” (Christian lessons taught through scientific experiments), and “Professions” (profiles of modern jobs kids can pursue). We are also adding some new elements for younger children like, “Youth Stories” (Hosted by a 6 year old),” says Rita.

SAT-7 Kids will air at regular times each day, enabling children across the entire Arab world to watch when it is convenient for them, in their own time zone.

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