SAT-7 offers hope after Egypt church fire

By September 13, 2022

Egypt (MNN) — On August 14, a fire broke out at an Egyptian Coptic church in Giza during morning Mass. Forty-one worshippers, including 18 children, died.

The children ranged from age 3 to 16.


The SAT-7 show You are Not Alone talked to local people as well as civil and church representatives. One neighbor told of rushing in to help, only to find triplets who had died. The son of the deceased church leader talked about his father’s leadership in the community.

Joe Willey with SAT-7 USA says, “I’m a parent. And I can’t imagine the grief. There were triplets, and all three died in the fire. I can’t imagine the darkened days. I think that’s the importance of these programs. Not to have a pat answer, but to offer hope.”

Some people suggested God allowed the fire in order to “take the children up to heaven.” But experts on the show say this is harmful to the parents who lost children. Willey says, “It reminded me of the book of Job. Often, silence is really what a person who is suffering needs at the moment.”

“God will not use evil purposes for his good plans.”

SAT-7 aired a special about the fire called In the Midst of the Darkness. It talked to experts who helped people deal with grief.

Additionally, Willey says, “It looked into the history of informally constructed churches in Egypt. Experts were speaking about fire codes and also fire safety for homes in Egypt. So that was, in a sense, a real public service announcement.”

Ask God to comfort the Egyptian Christian community after this tragedy. Pray their faith would reveal Jesus.



Header photo courtesy of SAT-7 USA. 

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