SAT-7 PARS to expand types of programming

By October 13, 2009

Iran (MNN) — With the recent political upheaval from the
elections in June and July, and the ensuing disillusionment among youth, many in
Iran are searching.

SAT-7 PARS–a Christian satellite television service to Persia–wants to show these individuals that what they're searching for is the saving
power and love of Christ.

"In SAT-7, our policy is just to present the Gospel. We don't
compare Christianity to any other faith or religion. We just present the Gospel
according to the Bible. We do respect the culture. We do respect people's
worldview," said Sara Afshari, executive director of SAT-7 PARS.

Afshari said this approach is working.

"That is one of the [ways] it is very attractive to our
viewer. We don't push our viewers to convert; that is not our aim," she said.

More and more people are finding out about SAT-7 PARS
and listening to what they have to say. Currently, about 90 percent of the
viewers are non-believers.

SAT-7 PARS began in 2002 as a separate entity from SAT-7. In
December 2006, they joined with SAT-7, which enabled them to better use both
ministries' resources and broadcast 24/7 for the first time.

They currently offer six-hour blocks of new programming each
day, which is rotated from day-to-day to give their audience as much variety as

However, only three hours of programming–one hour repeated
three times a day–is geared toward youth. While SAT-7 broadcasting is the
only satellite TV in the area offering programs for teens, Afshari said they
are the neediest population; a couple hours a day is not enough.

"The most-isolated people in Iran at the moment are
teenagers. The reason is because they don't belong to the culture of their
parents. They don't know where they belong. And unfortunately, no one is
[paying] attention [to] that," Afshari said.

As these teens grow more and more disillusioned with their
culture and politics, many grow hopeless and turn to drugs.

SAT-7 PARS' programming has restored hope to many young
lives through their dramas, talk shows and Bible studies.

While Afshari said these programs are great, "We need …  higher quality and more creativity."

Even with much risk involved, people are still coming to the
hope of Christ, especially teens.

"Iran has a huge hostility against Christianity. But people
do come to Christ. And when they realize … it is the message of eternity and
that it is the spring of living water, that's why they take the risk to come
to Christ," Afshari said.

You can help SAT-7 deliver this hope to many of these
searching teens. A single dollar allows one teen to view SAT-7 television for a
whole year. Click here to enable youth to view SAT-7's message of hope.

Please pray for the safety and protection of these
individuals viewing SAT-7 in their homes, because in most areas, satellite dishes
are illegal. Also, pray for the youth to overcome their hatred toward the government
and learn how Christ wants them to treat their enemies. Finally, pray
for SAT-7 financially and for people like you to step up, allowing them to
continue their broadcast to those searching in Iran.

Afshari expresses gratitude to all of the people who have supported
SAT-7 in the past, whether through prayers or support: "Your prayers really support and help us a lot. It is
by your prayer thatwe still are on the air. It's [a] miracle," Afshari said.

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