SAT-7 program handles a skeptic

By September 4, 2015

Middle East (MNN/SAT-7) — If you’ve ever talked about Christ and run into skepticism, it can be challenging. Fayez, the host of SAT-7’s program “We Will Sing,” recently demonstrated how a “soft answer turns away wrath.”

SAT-7 is a Christian satellite television ministry to the Middle East and North Africa. During one TV show, a caller said he believed in God and in Jesus but expressed doubt over Christ’s resurrection. Instead of a confrontational response, the host continued the conversation with him.

Photo Courtesy SAT-7

(Photo courtesy SAT-7)

As the discussion continued, the caller revealed that he had read the Bible and believed that Jesus was God. He shared a favorite passage and told Fayez that he loved the songs on the program.

The caller ended up requesting one of the songs containing the lyrics, “I choose You to be first, because You are the Life and the Truth.” Finally, he asked for prayer for his career.

Fayez prayed for the caller, his work, and his family. The next Tuesday, a praise band called The Good News Team dedicated a song to the man.

Hopefully SAT-7’s display of love and kindness will help turn this man’s doubts into a lifestyle of following Jesus just as it did for Nathanael, Peter, and Thomas in the New Testament.

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Please pray for the viewers who are experiencing doubts. Pray also that God will use SAT-7 to demonstrate truth and grace.


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  • Linda says:

    Lord Jesus, you know this man and love him, please draw him to Yourself. Replace doubts with faith. Let him know you have a future and a hope for him. Thank you for SAT-7 ministry draw seekers to Jesus, open blind eyex in Jesus name.

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