SAT-7 program has unexpected demographic

By February 23, 2009

Iraq (MNN) — A Lebanese television program is unexpectedly reaching hundreds of Iraqis with the Gospel.

A new live program produced by SAT-7, "From Me to You," features a Lebanese worship band intended to encourage people and reach them with Christ's love. SAT-7's David Harder says this program speaks live to its viewers and has had a phenomenal response from Iraqis.

"In Iraq, because life is so difficult there, people do stay in as much as they can, which means they watch a lot of television," says Harder. "Many people have been contacting 'From Me to You' from Iraq. They've been asking for songs, talking about their fears, and interacting."

As the show has become popular, the ministry has been able to use this leverage as a way to reach people with the Gospel. Programs are geared toward people at all different stages in their faith, some who are merely curious, and others who are ready to make a decision for Christ. Regardless, Harder explains that the Gospel is central to every program.

People who call into "From Me to You" are able to speak directly with those running the program to ask questions about faith or to request worship songs. Harder says one man called asking how to be born again. The host of the show was given the opportunity to tell about what this meant and what Christ had done for each person watching.

"We're glad that the Gospel is able to go forth and minister both to those who have never heard it before, as well as to those brothers and sisters who need encouragement and sometimes need to be reminded of the basics of their faith," says Harder.

The response to live programs like this is typically very large and encourages people to watch SAT-7's other programs, such as films and game shows which also share the love of Christ. Although live programs tend to be the most popular, they are also, unfortunately, more costly and more difficult to produce.

SAT-7 would like to create more live shows to reach more hurting people with the love of Christ. If you can help provide the extra funding necessary to produce these shows and reach more people for Christ, click here.

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